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Who We Are

Home of the amazing PIANOLIFT technology.


Proudly rated a consistent full Five-Star by our customers on Yelp and Google over the years, Integrity Piano Moving Services is a fully registered, licensed, permitted, bonded and insured piano moving company in Washington state.


A small local, family owned and operated, piano moving company that cares about our customers and their precious pianos, and focuses on delivering the utmost professional and efficient piano moving experience.

Founded in 2010, Integrity Piano Moving Services has been professionally and safely moving pianos in Washington state for more than 13 years.

With just about 7 years of prior piano moving experience, Alan, the owner, has been moving pianos in Washington state for more than 20 years.

Our customers deal directly with him and he is present at every single piano move we do.

Based in the Covington-Maple Valley area, we serve all of King and Pierce counties in Washington state at no cost to you for our travel time.

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Professional Services and Starting Prices

You can count on Integrity Piano Moving Services to not only meet but exceed all of your expectations.


Find out about the services we provide below and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Our quotes include all taxes and fees.

Grand Piano Moving starting as low as $345.00 total.

Properly relocating a grand piano of any size requires the proper moving equipment, experience and knowledge in order to avoid any type and size of damage or injuries.

You can easily damage the pedals, a leg, the lid, or the frame of the piano, if not properly prepped and transported.

Our prices to relocate a grand piano to a new home start as low as $345.00 total.

This photo shows a concert grand piano being easily and safely lifted by our PIANOLIFT robot, getting ready for its safest relocation.


Upright Piano Moving starting as low as $245.00 total.

Although an upright piano does not require all the prep work of a grand piano, these pianos are probably the most dificult to relocate because of their size, shape and weight.

You definitely want to have the proper moving equipment and experience to relocate an upright piano.

Our prices to relocate an upright piano to a new home start as low as $245.00 total.

This photo shows a 57" tall, 750lbs full upright piano prepped to go up two flights of stairs and being loaded onto our truck with our PIANOLIFT robot.

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Spinet Piano Moving starting as low as $215.00 total.

The spinet piano is the smallest of all pianos and also the most fragile, specially at its front legs. Its front legs are not designed to withstand any significant sideways pressure.

Properly relocating a spinet piano requires special attention to detail, experience, and the proper moving equipment.

Our prices to relocate a spinet piano to a new home start as low as $215.00 total.

This photo shows a spinet piano properly secured to the wall of our truck.


Heavy Item Moving with special equipment for stairs.

Properly relocating a heavy item, such as a large safe or fire proof file cabinet requires the proper moving equipment and experience.

Mishandling or using the wrong equipment to move a particularly heavy item could cause some serious injuries and property damages, specially when trying to bring them up or down a flight of stairs.

Our prices to relocate a heavy item vary, depending on the nature of the item and the particular landscape involved.

This photo shows a 750 lbs. safe properly attached to our special equipment and on the back of our truck.

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Integrity Piano Moving Services moved our piano. They did a great job of coordinating the move, accommodating our schedule and doing it for a good price. I highly recommend them if your piano needs a new home!

Lea Leuckel

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Made moving a piano look effortless even though I know it isn't. Super friendly and efficient. I think they are the best value for the best work.

Athena De La Peña

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I contacted a few piano movers. Some quoted me a very expensive price. Some quoted me a move date that was three weeks away. Others said moving my spinet from North Bend to Maple Valley wasn't worth their time. Alan at Integrity gave me a very reasonable price, and was able to move the piano two days from the day I contacted him. He was very responsive throughout the move, texting me updates the whole time. He seemed to care about the job he did, and I so appreciated it. He even gave me advice for moving the piano in my house and not damage the legs on it. I could tell he cared. I highly recommend this company.

Julie Hagen

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I was extremely pleased with this company and would recommend it to anyone! Extremely responsive throughout the process using text messages, on time, very professional, and our piano was wrapped and protected nicely and delivered safely. The price was also lower than competitors’ quotes. It was a very smooth and painless process!

Erica Branche

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Integrity Piano Moving Services is hands down the best piano moving company that I've ever worked with. The communication is amazing and their work quality is outstanding. Alan and his crew were extremely careful with the piano, my hardwood floors, and anything in my house. It was like they were moving their own newborn baby :) They were extremely respectful and so nice. I've worked with other piano movers who have struggled and damaged my piano, walls, and floors. Alan takes pride in his work and truly cares about his customers. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrity Piano Moving to anyone who needs a piano or large item moved.

Aubrey Poggioli

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Get In Touch

Please, feel free to call, text, or email us at any time for a quick, free, well studied, reasonable quote.

Thank you!

Call or text Alan at 253-266-9796

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